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For over 11 years Texans Anesthesia has grown form one hospital to over 10 locations. The reason that we were able to do this was by building a reputation for working harder and more efficently than our competitors. Things that administrators will immediately notice:

  • Improved turnover times. Our anesthesiologist are actively involved in facilitating patients getting in and out of the Operating room. Our anesthesiologist will arrive at your facility 30 mins prior to the planned surgery. This gives us ample time to set up the operating rooms, and see the patient well before the surgeon even arrives. We usually even have time to see several patients ahead thereby minimizing anesthesia delay.
  • Improved Press Ganey and patient satisfaction scores. We have consistently been in the 95th percentile for patient satisfaction. The patient's are our primary concern and when you put them first it leads to better overall care.
  • Reduced same day cancellations. We provide your nurses with thorough preop questionaires that help us screen for any major medical problem that potentially could cause complications on the day of surgery.
  •  Reduce cost! I saved the best for last. We are in network with all public and private insurances. No longer will you have to worry that patients will complain of "sticker shock" from exorbitant anesthesia fees. This makes scheduling patients a breeze. 
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