PreOp Clinic

Getting to know you.

Why do I have to go to PreOp Clinic? Preop clinic is a great way for your anesthesia provider go through your medical history and come up with the safest plan possible for your surgery. Additional test will be ordered at this time if your anesthesia provider feels it is necessary. Instructions are given to you for the day of surgery.

Is it important for me not to eat the morning of surgery? Absolutely! A full stomach puts you at an unnecessary increased risks for anesthesia. Eating the day of surgery would increase the risk of your surgery getting canceled.

What other things could increase the risks of my surgery getting canceled?  Blood Sugar > 300, Taking diet pills within 2 weeks of your scheduled surgery, and uncontrolled high blood pressure. This list is not all inclusive you can find out more information during your prep visit.

Which medicines should I take the morning of surgery? All Beta Blockers should be taken the morning of surgery. Again this list is not all inclusive. More details can be given to you during your preop visit.